About Me

I know it wasn’t rocket science or radical ideas that made your company what it is today. Instead, it was hard work, determination, and a desire to keep pushing forward. These qualities were instilled in me from a young age. Back when I was a child, I witnessed firsthand the hardships my mother endured and the sacrifices she made so that I can carve out my own piece of the American dream.

I got my entrepreneurial drive from my late mother, who filled our dinner conversations with new business ideas or aspirations she had concocted. Even though she was never able to see her ideas come to fruition, her influence left a lasting impression on me. 

This has caused my career aspirations to evolve over time. I started off studying Theology when my interest shifted to software development. I was inspired by my mother’s ideas on business and entrepreneurship which led me to enroll in a DevOps bootcamp. Through that experience, I learned and developed the skills on how to automate Software Deployment Life-cycle and was able to work for many different financial firms. I was a DevOps Engineer/Consultant for Loomis Sayles, Citizens Bank, and Ark PES, where I worked side by side with the development and product teams to help create, secure, and maintain cloud infrastructure and micro services.  During that job, a colleague of mine, who owned a Private Equity Firm, introduced me to the world of M&A. Through that interaction I was able to be mentored by a mentee of Dan Pena; a highly successful M&A guru.  

From that experience, I learned the intricacies of countless companies across multiple industries, allowing me a deep understanding of what makes a successful business. I am now a member of a large network of investors that have completed over $200M in deals. Prior to my mentorship, I have successfully owned other small businesses that generated positive revenue. Prior to founding Seph Acquisitions, I founded and owned 2 e-commerce businesses, a Digital Marketing Agency and a Record Label. Having gained invaluable experiences, I am confident that I have acquired the skillset that uniquely suits me to help lead your business.