“People will never go out of business”

– Michael Scott, The Office

My goal is to provide a unique exit strategy for existing business owners. Whether you are looking to retire, pursue other interests, or simply yearn for warmer weather, I want you to be confident that you are leaving your business in great hands. Unlike financial or strategic buyers who may be looking to flip your business or slash costs, I plan to manage your business for the long run, and I’m seeking a seller who shares that vision.

In acknowledgement of my limited time and resources, I have a certain set of criteria for the business I’m looking to acquire:

  • Annual revenues between $300K – $40mm
  • Seeking businesses based in the United States and Africa
  • Positive EBITDA
  • Has a management team in place
  • Provable history of stable and recurring income


I firmly believe a company’s most valuable asset are its employees. Therefore, ultimately the most important criteria I am looking for is an employee base that is as dedicated to the future of the business as I will be. I am committed to building a lasting and successful business, and I look forward to ensuring the legacy you have built.